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Who we are and what is our mission

Digital music services for independent record labels. We are the backbone of brands, helping them to free up valuable time and resources that enables them to concentrate on what really matters, the Music!

Our services for you


We provide bespoke distribution packages and a promise to get your releases online, at the right time, and with the promotional support to get your music the features they deserve.


WE-DISTRIBUTE gives you the tools to generate & send statements to your artists. You don’t wanna do it on your own? Then check our „Statements“ service.


With our many years of experience in record label services, combined with our understanding, knowledge and key relationships with download stores and streaming services; we have developed a complete process to streamline the management of your label(s).

Demodrops & Promowork

With us you can radically improve your demo submission process and ensure you always capture the information needed to make the best decision.


We do your statements. You have more time for the important things.


We do your social work. Whether WhatsApp, Instagram or TikTok. We take over your social media.